Great Lakes Anesthesiology welcomes Mark Thompson BSc MD

Dr. Thompson graduated from Atlantic Union College with a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology.  He completed his Medical Degree, internship and Residency all at Loma Linda University in California. After seven years of practice in Ithaca NY, Dr. Thompson embarked on a Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Afterwards, he was invited to join their faculty, where he didn't just provide pediatric anesthesia, but also cared for primates at the Denver Zoo! Most recently, Dr. Thompson has been the Director of Pediatric Anesthesia for Northstar Anesthesia in Lubbock Texas, where he also served as Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatric Anesthesia and Pediatrics at Texas Tech University. Dr. Thompson has attained subspecialty certification in Pediatric Anesthesia and has a special interest in regional anesthesia.  We welcome Mark and look forward to having him join our growing practice caring for both adults and children.

Abstracts presented at the 2014 Annual American Society of Anesthesiologists Meeting in Chicago

Great Lakes Anesthesiology continues to advance the Art and Science of Anesthesia with presentations at national meetings.

A4049. Nitrous Oxide Reduces Explicit Memory in Children. Nubani, L et al.​
A1247.  A Novel Way to Secure the Laryngeal Mask Airway During Oral Surgery Procedures. Devgun, R. et al.

Practice of Anesthesia for Infants & Children now in 5th Edition

By Drs. Charles J. Cote, Jerrold Lerman, and Brian J. Anderson

Now in it's 5th edition, the best-selling textbook of pediatric anesthesia in the world has been extensively updated. Click here for more details.

Neonatal Anesthesia by Dr. Jerrold Lerman

New anesthesia textbook published in 2015

Springer Publishers has published a new textbook by Dr. Jerrold Lerman in 2015. Dr. Lerman, an anesthesiologist with Great Lakes Anesthesiology and is a renowned author and Professor of Anesthesiology at SUNY Buffalo as well as the University of Rochester.

Great Lakes Anesthesiology provides anesthesia services at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Providing care for pediatric and adult patients at a leading cancer hospital

Physicians from Great Lakes Anesthesiology are pleased to provide care to patients along side our Roswell Park colleagues. Many pediatric patients travel between Women & Children's Hospital and Roswell Park Cancer Institute to receive specialized treatment that is only available at one institution. One of our anesthesiologists, Nicole Gothgen MD remarked, "It is truly inspiring to see our youngest patients on a daily basis as they struggle against this terrible disease. It is an honor to help them in their fight. We see first-hand how lucky our region is to have the resources of Roswell Park."

Great Lakes Anesthesiology

New Pediatric Anesthesia Mobile Phone App to help Children’s anesthesiologists worldwide

Dr. Jerrold Lerman's new app is now available for the iPhone and Android platforms

Pediatric anesthesiologist, Dr. Jerrold Lerman, from Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo along with his two colleagues, Dr. Charles Coté at Harvard University and Dr. Brian Anderson at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, have swapped operating room scrubs for the high-tech world of app development with the creation of an app for pediatric anesthesia, pediatric critical care and emergency medicine that bears Starship Children’s Hospital logo. The new “Pedi-Anesth by Starship” app is available on Apple and Android platforms and was developed by the trio that includes Professor Jerrold Lerman, who is based at Women & Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, NY. Just enter “Pedi-Anesth” at the Apple store or type the URL: to access the app for 3 days for free. The app is a mobile phone supplement to their textbook, A Practice of Anesthesia for Infants and Children, which Professor Lerman and his colleagues, Charles Coté and Brian Anderson, edit.